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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

So if you live in GA or anywhere south of North Carolina you deal with the dreaded red clay! This stuff stains vinyl siding, wood, stuco, and other types of home siding. In case you haven't noticed, it doesn't come clean with just pressure washing alone. Well, if you don't do a lot of pressure washing then of course you haven't noticed. Well I am here to tell you that it doesn't come off that easily.

There is a special process that a power washing company has to go through to get that red clay off of the home. Well there are 2 ways. One will leave chunks of your home on the ground or what would appear like writing. The other is the proper way to get rid of it.

The pressure washing professional has to use a more potent chemical that costs way more per gallon than the regular home chemicals that one would use. This in turn makes the process more expensive for the customer. Don't be alarmed if your wash is a little more than normal if you are getting red clay removed.

If you need help with Pressure Washing feel free to visit Derrick Harper's site. He is an awesome resource for pressure washing business.

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