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3 reasons to use a Pressure Washing Service

So, If you're like me you love to save a buck or two by just doing everything myself. I mean I can't stomach giving someone my hard earned money if I can do it myself. After all, I am an entrepreneur and it is in our nature to constantly analyze he money we are spending as opposed to the money thats going out. Truthfully, I hate spending money if it's not going to bring a return. But, we all have to be consumers of something. After going through a few fuses and doing some rewiring (or maybe it was a snowball effect of failed attempts at electricity) I decided to call a professional. As men, father, providers we tend to have a problem with calling a professional. Well, you save a lot of money by calling instead of giving yourself a crash course from youtube. If you thought about pressure washing your home and figured you can just go do it without a professional you might want to reconsider because you want to do it right. Pressure washing has many benefits, here are some 3 reasons you should call a professional.

#1 Saves You Time and Money

Cleaning your home can help you avoid costly repairs down the line. Think about this, if you have vinyl siding, it will weather and become oxidized over time. Oxidation is the white chalky like substance that comes off of your home when you wife your finger across it. Too much oxidation will make a pressure washing job become more expensive because there is a different process to remove the oxidation. Your once $150- $220 job will turn into $300 or more to remove the oxidation. Regular cleaning will help with reducing the amount of oxidation so it comes off with a normal cleaning. Pressure washing is not fun. You can save back pain, a dirty face, clothes, and wet dirty shoes by calling a professional.

#2 Pressure Washing Protects You and Your Family

There are many things in the air that attaches themselves to your home. I think none is more dangerous than black mold. Not only will things like algae, mold, dirt, and dust trigger allergies but they can cause health conditions. In addition, they can ruin your home's exterior. If you value your families health like 99.99% of us do, then pressure washing your home is a great way to show them you care.

Pressure washing your home should be a regular maintenance task, one you should consider doing once a year. Pressure washing your patio's, decks, and porches are also recommended especially if you have pets that use them regularly.

#3 Pressure Washing Can Increase Your Homes Value

Ask any realtor, curb appeal gets buyers interested and it keeps them interested. Since everything in an inspection of your home is predicated on "cosmetics" keeping your home clean can dramatically improve your curb appeal. Therefore, an inspector will value your home above what they normally would.

In Georgia, we have a huge issue with the dreaded "RED CLAY". Believe it or not, there is a process to remove that clay but it is not widely known. Contrary to popular belief, there is a separate chemical used to remove the red clay as power washing cant do it alone. The red clay can bring down the value of your home as it is unsightly and for some reason seems to attract many wasps. Read the article about RED CLAY where we go into more detail about it.

If you are looking for Pressure Washing in the Atlanta Area give us a call at 678-400-3234 or visit our website

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