Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Whether you need your deck, siding, windows, or your driveway, we've got you covered.   After getting your home all nice and sudsy, we finish with a cool coat of fresh water to cleanse down to the core.  We will leave your home looking clean and new. Pressure Wash Inc. has the proper equipment to clean your property the right way. Dream Clean has the experience to correctly clean any surface. We can help you maintain the look of your home. Our packages are affordable. We will carry out a thorough and proper cleaning process and remove dirt, mold, stains, chewing gum, and grease

We will wash:



-Window Cleaning

- Cars

- and more

Deck Cleaning

Keeping a clean deck is essential to stopping dirt, dust, and algae from rotting your deck.  Not only is it a health risk, it is also a safety issue if your deck starts to rot and fall apart.

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